Monday, 22 August 2011

i heart NY (day 2)

This was my favourite day of the was jam packed from start to finish.
We got up early and caught the subway to Columbus/Central Park South and then walked through 3/4 of Central Park...i had heard that this place was amazing but it completely took my breath was so picturesque and full of life...squirrels, eagles, doggies, mums&babies, families, hotdog vending men and even a riot squad but it was still so quiet and beautiful.
after that we went to "The Metropolitan Museum" were i channelled my inner Blair Waldorf on the steps ;) inside were artworks i have only dreamed of favourite Degas was there, as with Andy Warhol and some of the most amazing sculptures and real life antiquities.
then we walked up 5th avenue to The Plaza and Bergdorf Goodman, then a short stroll to Bloomingdales were i went crazy in the shoe department ;)
another short stroll and we were at the Rockfeller Centre where we went to the observation deck called "Top of the Rock". Here we had 36o degree views of all of Manhattan and surrounds.
After that we headed home for a well deserved rest, only to find Mr President himself, Barrack Obama, having afternoon tea with Anna Wintour in the next street...!!!

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